My name is Mike Zuranski.  I am a meteorology student at College of DuPage, as well as a student aid of the meteorology department.  I also write forecasts for the DuPage area every weekday which are broadcasted on the CoD radio station, WDCB 90.9FM, on weekday afternoons.

My goal with this site is simply to talk about the weather, especially the short-term.  I will try my best to post my short-term forecasts here each day I can.  These will simply be a reflection of the forecasts I write for the radio.  In addition to general forecasts, I will also occasionally post forecast discussions about upcoming major events, which will be a little more detailed and advanced.

General forecasts will typically follow the same format every time.  The short-term forecast will be for the current evening through the next evening, with Friday forecasts extending through Sunday.  Long-term forecasts will be a brief summary of what to expect for days 4-6.  Since this is an extended forecast, a little less detail will be given, but you’ll get the idea.

Forecast discussions are much different than general forecasts.  These posts will be outlining what my thoughts are regarding specific upcoming events.  I will go into much deeper detail here, including what products or forecast models I’m using, specific details of the event, and my level of confidence.  I will also be using some more advanced terminology when writing these discussions.

For the time being, I will disable the ability to leave comments or send messages through this site, as I have had numerous bad experiences with spam that I’d rather not repeat.  While I may change this later on down the road, for the time being all comments are locked.

Thank you for visiting the site.  I hope you find the information here helpful and insightful.


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